How does Acupuncture Work With Chiropractic


The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans looked into the body and saw bones, muscles, organs, arteries, veins, nerves, etc. At the same time the Asians saw the same body parts, but they also saw the spaces that exist between them. They discovered that these spaces formed into rivers or channels with flowing blood distributing energy to all the cells. This flowing blood is outside the arteries and veins and is often referred to in the West as interstitial fluid. Interstitial means spaces between the cells. This fluid is also electrically charged and in Asia it is called "chi" (energy). It is this fluid that flows in the channels that was completely missed by the western world. When these spaces are obstructed, the flow of the chi is reduced or stopped. Without this vital chi, the body has difficulty functioning, maintaining health and becomes ill. By stimulating a particular point for the affected channel (meridian) with a small thin needle, instrument or hands, the acupuncturist can disperse the obstruction and allow the energy to flow again, regaining the health and, therefore, balance of the body.

Perhaps a more simple way of looking at this is to take an example of an office building. When you look at the building you see the walls, ceiling, floor, plumbing, etc. This structure is important to a building; however, there are also spaces-hallways and doorways, which allow the workers to move about doing their work. It is the spaces allows the work to be done. If there are boxes obstructing the corridor, then the energy from the workers cannot be carried out and the business will become less productive and feel ill.


Chiropractic also has evidence of existing many thousands of years ago with Egyptian, early Asian art and even further back, when paintings in the discovered caves of France depicted cavemen adjusting other cavemen. In fact Socrates from Greece, the "Father of Medicine" stated: "Look to the Spine for the Cause of Disease." Fortunately, this lesson, which was overlooked with mainstream medicine, was rediscovered in 1895 when Dr. Palmer adjusted a deaf man's spine and his hearing was restored. This started the research into the principle that there is a relationship between the spine, the nerves and disease and health. It was then that the science was applied to the art of adjusting the body's frame, and therefore, understanding of its far-reaching health benefits.

In the early 1900s, Thomas Edison, the inventor, (who understood electricity and wires, which are similar to nerves impulses of the body) after meeting the founder of Chiropractic stated: "The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients with the frame of the body and nutrition to cure and prevent the cause of disease."

It was Dr. Palmer, the founder of modern chiropractic from Iowa, who noticed that the nerves exiting the spine are most venerable to becoming pinched when the bones of the spine go out of place and/or lose their motion. Besides causing local back and neck pain, arthritis, disc herniations, scoliosis, osteoporosis and other spinal conditions, it also could cause far reaching problems throughout the body via the nervous system.

The nerves are the connection between the brain and the entire body. This is similar to the electrical wires in your house, which transmit electricity from the fuse box (spine) and distributes it throughout the house. If a fuse box switch is off that goes to the alarm system, then alarm system does not work properly and the house may not be protected. This is also true with the body, when the spine's nerves are pinched that goes to the immune system, then the body also may not be protected and become accessible to disease.

The treatment approach is to restore proper alignment of the spine and other joints. When this is effectively done, pain and inflammation subsides, muscles relax, disc irritation may lesson and heal, arthritic joints move again and weak bones may become stronger. Also, symptoms away from the spine may be alleviated or cured such as numbness and pain in the hands and feet, headaches and migraines, sciatica, high blood pressure, TMJ, carpal tunnel, breathing and digestion disorders. For me and my family, at the first sign of a cold or flu we all get adjusted, get acupuncture and take proper nutrition so that our nervous and immune systems are as strong as possible. In fact, when I am regularly adjusted and take proper nutrition, I hardly get a cold or flu. The same is true for my family.


Chiropractic is similar to acupuncture whereas just like the nerves may become obstructed, so may the meridians fluid circulation become obstructed. The goal, therefore, is to have free flowing nerves controlling the body and free flowing Chi nourishing the body. This brings about balance and harmony.

When the meridians become blocked, it is called "Chi Obstruction" and an acupuncturist "Disburses the Chi" by stimulating the meridian at the site of chi obstruction or at another site that relates to the chi obstruction. When bones out of place pinch the nerve, this is called "Subluxation Complex", and the chiropractor "Adjust" the bones, muscles and ligaments around the nerve to relieve nerve pressure.

One of the big causes of chi obstruction is scar tissue. Surgical scars and scar tissue from injuries form blocks in the meridian flow. Scar tissue is like gluey tentacles that grow and block channels. Acupuncture helps to reestablish meridian flow through the scar tissue.

The Chiropractic and Acupuncture healing arts are physical approaches to health care where as Medical healing art is a chemical approach. All, when properly applied, can do wonderful miracles.